All Access World: Agathe Snow at Guggenheim Berlin

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“All Access World” by Agathe Snow is the sixteenth commission in a series launched by Deutsche Bank and the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation in 1997 as a platform for major projects by contemporary artists.

In her installation the artist proposes “a more democratic approach to monument ownership and distribution.”  She undertook a tour of landmarks around the world as research for the project, and then created sculptural objects composed of recurring geometric shapes she observed in the monuments, such as pyramids, domes, and columns. She reconstructed the monuments inserting contemporary icons and her own memories. In the exhibition she invites the visitor to move the sculpture around and recompose them in his own world. Through the catalog the visitor can also order his own monument, choosing among pyramids, columns, and architectural style according to his personal taste.


Which restrictions apply to the exportation of artworks in Europe?

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United Kingdom, Germany, French, and Denmark. How do these countries avoid the exportation of their cultural heritage? Four models in comparison in “Modello inglese tra tutela e mercato”, published today in ArtEconomy24 – Il Sole 24 ORE (Pdf on request).

DAMn N° 27 Daydreaming

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The January/February issue of DAMn Magazine features my article about Daniel Gonzalez’ pop-up buildings and other art project dealing with architecture between dreams and reality (English language; Pdf on request).

Bjørn Melhus at Haus am Waldsee Berlin

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Until April 10th, 2011 Haus am Waldsee presents the first comprehensive exhibition of Norwegian artist Bjørn Melhus in Berlin. The show presents works made expressively for this occasion along with older works. In his practice Melhus deals with the intrusion of television, films, and video-clips in human life and communication in a world in which the human being is turned into a passive consumer of mass-produced media fare. The exhibition is extremely well-installed and the museum’s building alone is already worth a visit.


When Arte povera entered the museum…

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When did Arte Povera started entering international museums’ collection? And in which international collections is this fundamental movement of Italian post-war art history represented? I have researched this questions in the article “Dal Walker Art Center con la fama”, published today in ArtEconomy24 – Il Sole 24 ORE (Pdf on request).