Who should bear the cost of Droit de Suite?

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Today in ArtEconomy24, the art market issue of Italian financial newspaper Il Sole 24 ORE, a new in-depth analysis about the artist’s resale right and the way of collecting it.


Oggi sul Sole 24 ORE – ArtEconomy24 in edicola, un nuovo approfondimento sul diritto di seguito e sulle procedure di raccolta del compenso.

Tax break for SP Arte

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Also this year, on the occasion of contemporary art fair SP Arte (April 4 to 7), the federate state of Sao Paulo has decided not to levy the sales tax and tax on import of artworks until 3 million Real ($1,5 million). My article on the website of ArtEconomy24, the issue about the art market of Italian financial newspaper Il Sole 24 ORE.


Anche quest’anno, in occasione della fiera dell’arte contemporanea di San Paolo, SP Arte (dal 4 al 7 aprile), lo stato di San Paolo ha deciso di non applicare le tasse sulle vendite e le importazioni delle opere fino a 3 milioni di real (1,5 milioni di dollari). Il mio articolo su ArtEconomy24 – Il Sole 24 ORE.

Art and Taxes: which are the benefits for donors who support foundations? The German case

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Germany: which are the tax benefits for donors who generously support art foundations? The answer in the interview with German lawyer Friedhelm Klinkertz published today in Il Sole 24 ORE – ArtEconomy24 (Pdf on request).

Which restrictions apply to the exportation of artworks in Europe?

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United Kingdom, Germany, French, and Denmark. How do these countries avoid the exportation of their cultural heritage? Four models in comparison in “Modello inglese tra tutela e mercato”, published today in ArtEconomy24 – Il Sole 24 ORE (Pdf on request).

Which taxes affect the art market? Tax rate in 20 countries

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VAT, import/export, droit de suite, capital gains tax, deducibility. Which taxes do affect the art market? And did the UE succeed in the harmonization of the tax system? These answer and many more are subject of a special guide realized in collaboration with Marilena Pirrelli for PLUS24 – ArtEconomy24 Il Sole 24 ORE. It was published on January 29th, 2011 (Italian language; pdf on request; English version available).